Nothing new has been going on since the last post. Just mainly sitting around, cooking, cleaning and watching T.V. or movies. Yeah, thats winter in Ohio. Of course I'm  fighting off fatigue to. Usually the fatigue wins. It could be 5 minutes while sitting on the couch in the afternoon, or an hour + in the evening which makes it hard falling asleep in bed then. Most of the time I don't even realize I'm falling asleep. My eyes just close..and if someone wakes me up my nerves just pulsates BAD!

On a lighter note I'll be starting my hot pepper seeds in 13 days! Though with all this cold the ground might be thawed out by May.
In two short weeks I'll be taking a vacation..by myself, but staying with a friend. Where at? In beautiful Louisiana for 13 days.. Its Carnival time! I'll be leaving Cleveland O.H.and flying to Charlotte N.C. change planes then its off to Baton Rouge L.A.
Its going to be a challenge. I'll be by myself and not using a power chair. Making it thru TSA then to my gate. Navigating the airport in Charlotte and making my next flight, Then all the parades and sight seeing. All just using only my walker. If worse comes to worse I can at least sit on my walker and get pushed until my legs regain some energy. 

The last time there I used my wheelchair and got pushed around, this time I feel confident that I can do this using only my walker. Besides the walker can be decorated better than a chair lol. All I gotta do is think to myself to lift my right leg each time I take a step. I'm just hoping I have more good days then bad. Then again any day will be a good day not seeing a ton of snow. I just wanna see sun, green grass and palm trees!

Its obvious I'm a bit excited..since my suit case has been pack for over 3 weeks now. I'm being more than careful not to fall or do anything that'll cause me to get hurt that will cause me not to be able to walk at all and cancel this trip.

Laissez les bons temps rouler!
(Let the good time roll!)


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