First day of PT

Yesterday marked the first day of physical therapy. Sure I could of started 2 months ago but didn't need the 40 minute..one way drive to the Cleveland Clinic once a week for an hour long session. Instead a neurological PT office opened 20 minutes away from me which made it so much more convenient.

Upon seeing the therapist I knew it was going to be a good visit. She was attractive!..anyway back to the visit.

She showed me 4 new stretch's to do on my own..one being in the picture to the left. Others were holding the same towel on both feet..siting up and leaning into it. Then there was the butterfly stretch. Booth feet together..sitting up and pushing down on the knees.

Then there was the wall stretch. One knee bent, one leg straight and push against a wall then switch to the other leg. Just make sure its a stable wall. All these two times 30 seconds each.

The best part was holding her hands and walking around a square that looked like a small tic tac toe board. She had soft hands. The most embarrassing part came when I did the first butterfly stretch. Lets just say I did my best imitation of a whoopee cushion.

Ive got 6 more weeks at one day a week scheduled..I wonder if I can add 6 other weeks at the end of the 6th. I also wonder if she makes house calls!

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  1. Your blog posts crack me up I knew the whoopie cusion was gonna come into play because I have been there done that.