Getting Horizontal

 Last night was going well. A Friday night sitting around with a friend, talking..playing on the lap tops. After he left I got on the phone with a friend. All was going good.. that was until I decided to shut off the fan. getting off the couch and walking over and hitting the switch..making a turn I went over like a tree, coming down on my cane and my left shoulder. Being on the phone at the same time, I never lost the call either!
The fall bent the cane to the point where it's unstable to use now, the light to the left also fell. It could be worse, my shoulder could of ended up like the light bulb...broke.

So that ended up with a trip to the ER the next morning just to make sure things are alright. After X-rays it was found no fractures or broken bones, just soreness. It feels fine..but trying to lift my arm hurts like hell!
So in the ER, they gave me a Motrin and a Vicodin. Its to bad Vicodin isnt sold over the counter. This stuff works great! Sure it put me sleep once I got home, but what else is there to do on a rainy, cold October day in Ohio

 I would guess the 5 beers I had didn't help matters much either.



My kinda place..so I thought.
So this weekend I went along for a ride in a big truck to Somerset PA to pick up a trailer and meet some friends. Leaving early afternoon there was no chance of fatigue setting in, because for one, the passanger side seat is not air ride, and bob tailing (truck with out a trailer) makes the ride even bumpier! Fatigue didnt stand a chance!
Through the weekend I never felt the fatigue I usually feel, sure there were bouts of yawning hard, but no signs of shutting my eyes and having that peaceful feeling and just drifting off.

Lisa Driving

Now come Saturday night, everything was fine, I still felt no fatigue. Even being up till 3:30 am watching for meteors. Sunday was another day of not feeling fatigue. Sleep Sunday night was normal as ever.  

Monday though, sitting around it hit me, like 3 times thru the day. Sitting outside I felt slight dizzy, laid my head back and closed my eyes. Didn't sleep though. Still sitting outside talking to someone now, I caught myself falling asleep. Couple hours later after being up and playing in the kitchen, Sitting at the kitchen table I dozed off. After dinner, sitting on the couch on the lap top, it happened twice! I was worried I was having another relapse. Jump to Tuesday, no fatigue, no nap's
The double vision makes me close one eye quite often to see straight, and next thing I know the other is shut and I'm out like a light. Fatigue is no fun when it just comes on like it does. At least no one puts shaving cream on my hands and tickles my nose. Not that I know how that works.


Visit to the eye doc..

So on the way to the Cole Eye Institute we decided to swing down W. 11 and pay a visit to this house since we were in the area and had time to kill. You can almost picture Ralphie and Randy running down the sidewalk. Or another neighbor helping deliver another wooden crate marked "Fragile"
Or the Bumpass's dogs running through the neighborhood. My cousin asked me whats so special about this house? She didn't know..Yeah, I'm talking about the house that A Christmas story was filmed. Well at least the exterior shots, the rest was filled in Canada.

It was then onto the Cleveland Clinic for the eye appointment. It was scheduled for 1:30 pm and the technician got me in rather quick. Through all the questions and tests I thought this was going to be a fast visit. 2.5 hours later and they call me back in a room and finally the doctor shows up..with a rather cute Asian girl..and up and coming ophthalmologist who was shadowing her. Honestly I wouldn't mind her being my shadow! Anyhow through a few questions and small exam she places these glass's on me with removable lenses. Everything is always much clearer with these on, But I wouldn't be caught dead going out in public with these Jetsons glass's on.
She finally concluded that maybe my current glass's have to much prism in them, that maybe the Gilenya has helped my optic nerve. So now there is a prescription for yet another pair of glass's. That makes 4 pair in 5 years. I also found out, by her definition I don't have nor did I ever have optic neuritis. According to her optic neuritis is a change in vision of one eye...well here my eyes aren't seeing in stereo. Double vision sucks!