Getting Horizontal

 Last night was going well. A Friday night sitting around with a friend, talking..playing on the lap tops. After he left I got on the phone with a friend. All was going good.. that was until I decided to shut off the fan. getting off the couch and walking over and hitting the switch..making a turn I went over like a tree, coming down on my cane and my left shoulder. Being on the phone at the same time, I never lost the call either!
The fall bent the cane to the point where it's unstable to use now, the light to the left also fell. It could be worse, my shoulder could of ended up like the light bulb...broke.

So that ended up with a trip to the ER the next morning just to make sure things are alright. After X-rays it was found no fractures or broken bones, just soreness. It feels fine..but trying to lift my arm hurts like hell!
So in the ER, they gave me a Motrin and a Vicodin. Its to bad Vicodin isnt sold over the counter. This stuff works great! Sure it put me sleep once I got home, but what else is there to do on a rainy, cold October day in Ohio

 I would guess the 5 beers I had didn't help matters much either.

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  1. Got to stop kissin' the floor, man. It is perverted. Wow, never saw a quad cane that bent! Maybe the beers were talkin'. I am going to add your blog to a new list of the BEST on my blog, will roll it out soon. Keep sharing your uh-hEM, adventures, we all need to know we are not the only pervs. :)