Challange won!

So this past Monday at the Horseshoe Casino in down town Cleveland, it was the last day of their cullinary giveaway. I missed out on the first weekend which was pots and pans, went the 2nd weekend and got my bakeware, the 3rd and final weekend I couldnt get anyone to go with...maybe it was because of the hurricane?

Walked this route there n back 4 times.
The walk from the parking garage to the casino is a bit of a walk and other times going I always had someone push me in my wheelchair. I got tired of trying to find someone to go with, so I said screw it and went by myself. I had 2 hours to get there and claim my stoneware and by the time I got my voucher, I had 30 minutes to spare.

Its kinda messed up how they have it, you need to go into the casino to pick up your voucher, then back out to the gift shop, next to the parking garage to claim your give away. The easy part was that traffic was light, the hard part was the wind and driving rain, but I did it! Being right there of course I had to go back in and play the slots for a while and build up enough points for free parking and try my luck..which isn't ever good. So it was back to the casino.

I found a machine and decided to settle in and play. The man next to me was hitting on his machine and me, I figured I'm going to loose all the cash I brought. That was until he had to leave and turned  his machine over to me. I didn't win as much as him but it was better then the one I started on. All together I spent $60 and lost only $5.

That was a challenge to me. To cover that much walking with out a wheelchair. Sure they had complimentary wheelchair rentals there, but if I feel like I can do something, then by God Im gonna do it! Im tired of relying on others for help. Not going places cause others don't want to or cant, if I have somewhere I want to go, then Im going! If its a great deal of walking, such as an event at a convention center, I'll do my best to wheel myself.

The drive home was a challenge also. Damage everywhere, power out etc.. But it was only wind and rain. Had it been snow I maybe wouldn't of gone. Everyone was taking their time driving on the highway, me..of course I was flying. The others will be the same ones that'll be flying on snow covered roads and kissing the median wall. I know my limitations..that or I just don't care.

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