Government housing

I was approved for an apartment in a building for the elderly and disabled. What I don't like is there are no balconies. No sitting outside in the sun..no growing plants in containers. BUT there'll be enough room inside for my seed rack. Just hardening off the plants outside would be impossible.
Making friends with the elderly would be nice..hearing of all their stories about years gone by..the complaints about my hair length etc.

But I decided to turn it down. There is nothing out that way. No stores. At least not with out driving 5+  miles to get to one. I'd want to live closer to everyone else to..OR if my luck ever changes I'd hit it big at the casino, get off government assistance and move south! Just to get away from this cold Ohio weather. So hopefully sometime soon I'll be accepted for another apartment, closer to friends, family and stores! I'll deal with no balconies and catch a tan else wear.

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