Finally moved out!

On November 27th I finally got my own apartment. After turning down the previos apartment I was offered another in another building..in another city. Still there are no balconies but this one is closer to everything the other one wasn't. The manager here even told me I made a smart decision not to move into the previous building..Theres to much drama there she said. And thats what I was trying to stay away from.

It's in Elyria, Ohio (E-leer-Re-Ah) and is just blocks from downtown. So  in the summer I can easily take the power chair and go sit or explore the square. Plus its right across the street from the police station. Guess that means I can either feel safe..or not have to call for a ride home if I get arrested.

The apartment is on the 5th floor..out of 5 floors. So I can turn the thermostat down while people downstairs heat my place! Not that it matters, utilities are included. The rooms are spacious, new carpeting and clean. I really like it here. The residents I've meet so far are all friendly and nice. There are two community rooms, one which has a kitchen and tv with cable. Not saying I don't have a kitchen or can get cable. I didn't want cable. No sense in paying $100 a month for just a handful of channels. As for the internet, There is a room with 5 computers in it, plus my iPhone acts as a modem. Sure its not the fastest, but its faster then the old fashioned dial up. Which is something else I don’t have..a phone. Unlimited talk and text on my cell phone covers that. There is also a laundry room with 7 washers and dryers so chances of waiting for an open one are slim.

There is a resident that takes care of the grounds and flower beds. I may have to lend a hand in the spring with plants. There is also a area set aside for residents to grow their own veggies, also any extras produce can be left in the kitchen for others to help themselves. So now I know extra tomatoes will be used and not go bad sitting around.

The hallways all have rails installed on the walls. Yes, this is a building for the elderly and disabled. Unfortunately no college girls or 20 -30 somethings live here. But it doesn’t mean they cant visit!
My bathroom is equipped with many rails to assist in standing in the shower, with my shower chair it makes it even easier and less of a chance at falling.

 The bathroom and bed rooms are equipped with an emergency call button on the walls. So now If a fall does occur in the bathroom, help will be on the way. I just have to make sure I don’t fall in the kitchen or living room, they don’t have the call button. Just thinking, if I fall and get knocked out, how am I going to press it?

There is a receptionist on duty during the day and they’re trained to notice a residents routine, if for an extended period of time they don’t see you in the lobby then they’ll come check on you. So if I am knocked unconscious eventually someone will be around.

I'm going to like it here I believe. The area isn't considered the hood. Visitors have to buzz your room number, and thru the intercom you can open the front doors. Sure I would of rather of moved south, away from the cold, gray Ohio skies but the funds just aint there. Maybe if I get lucky at the casino I can fulfill the dream of moving somewhere warmer.

If anyone wants to visit or send mail, my address is 15 Chestnut St. #504
                                                                                   Elyria, OH

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