...Been a while

So not much has been happening, so there wasnt much to update on here..till today.
Today was my 6 month check up and MRI.

Usually I'm up at 5 am to use the restroom, then go back to sleep, not today though. Due to a new bridge being constructed in Downtown Cleveland, traffic night mares have been all over the news. So giving myself an additional hour was in order to make my 8:30 appointment...Traffic was light and I arrived, well of course an hour early.

Things got under way after the normal paper work was filled out. Why they treat ya like your an MRI virgin is beyond me. I'm used to this, I know the routine. I just play along because that's the technicians job. I just wonder on the list you need to check yes or no on for implants and other procedures, why does the question, do you have a penile implant have a long line after it? Is it there to request one? Next time I think I'll check the NO box but write in there I'd like to have one.

So I empty my pockets, take off my belt and work my way to the MRI room and get on the table. Get settled in and get in the right position the tech needs me in. He puts head phones on me then puts the cage over my head then I do my best impression of  a torpedo being loaded into the chamber. Why they even play music  through the headphones now is beyond me. The noise drowns out the music. I don't even know who I was listening to.

After that came the doctor visits. Of course by this time their running late. Going over the normal questions comes the exam. Follow my finger
 touch your nose, squeeze my fingers, you know stuff like that. She brought up my history and shows how in late 2010 was when I had the greatest amount of symptoms

I got started on two new drugs today. Because Im fatigued the doc prescribed AMANTADINE. The spasticty doc perscribes ROPINIROLE HCL. So I'll add these to my collection  and see how they do

If nothing happens then I'll be back in 6 months!

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