PT Review

Yesterday was a review of  physical therapy. The therapists were baffled on why the doctor ordered  the IV steroids and why I needed them..quite frankly so was I. But if it was meant to help then I was all for it.

The session started off well, catching up with how I've been doing and filling in a student therapist on my condition. Why do I have to have the best looking therapists that are outta my reach!

All the observation tests were done and according to her I still have good strength on my hands and arms. My  legs, that's another story.

Then came the timed walking exercises.

My times today:
25 ft walk with cane: 16.6 sec
25 ft walk with walker: 8.6 sec

My times on 7-5-12:
25 ft walk with cane: 11.2sec
25 ft walk with walker: 7.6 sec

TUG (Timed Up & Go from a sitting position):
With cane today: 20.2 sec
With cane 7-5-12: 16.6 sec

With walker today: 13.3 sec
With walker 7-5-12: 13.8 sec

5 times stand and sit:
Today: 25.8 sec
7-5-12 19.8 sec

So obviously I slowed down a little bit, but then again my times in July were taken after having few weeks therapy... during nice weather. Unlike today 3-20-13 where winter just wont let go. On a better note, my gardening skills haven't slowed down yet!

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