6 month checkup

 So today was the 6 month checkup with the neurologist and spasticity doctor. My neurologist has moved up and I now see a nurse that reports back to him, such as in the way he was reporting back to a doctor above him.

Seeing the nurse, she was just catching up on how things were going, First thing I notice was this feather head piece hanging up in her office. I thought it looks like a Mardi Gras piece, she came back in so I asked, and I was correct!
Next came the usual, follow my finger with your eyes, grasp my fingers and squeze, checking weakness in the legs etc..

Then came the putting pegs into holes, then removing them. My times, first shot was 9.7 seconds and second shot was 9.1 seconds with the weakest hand, my right. Kinda like in the way racing is, the second lap is usually the fastest..if you don't blow your motor up on the first lap. This remind me of the game found on the tables of Cracker Barrel restaurants, except  the round pegs are golf tee's. If this consisted of jumping a peg until one remains like on those games, I'd pry still be there! Im not good at that.

Then I finally seen the doctor and went over the same questions and discussing how things were going. Most of the time was spent on talking about me moving out on my own and how things were going with no assistance around. After talking about the fatigue, stiffness my legs are going through and my vision issues, he asked if I would like to try 3 days of IV solu-medrol... or steroids. The best part is they administer this at home. First IV is Sunday. I'll get to watch some NASCAR while they pump steroids in my arm. I, so since it'll save me gas said sure! Afterwards, a week later I do physical therapy. Not at home like the steroids, but at the same place I went last summer and with the same therapist I worked with before..maybe we can set a lunch date again.

Next, after an hour wait I seen my spasticity doctor. No big deal here. Just the usual questions in catching up. I find out the strength in my left hand is greater than my right. Measured, I squeezed 52 kg in my left and 32 kg in my right.

Not much new this time. I'll go back in another 6 months. This time for more pictures..yeah, another MRI. All this a day after my birthday.
Its now past 5:00 pm..just in time for rush hour! I hate traffic!

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