3 days of Solu Medrol

Day Number 1
This past Sunday started my 3 days of IV  Solu Medrol. It was a somewhat frustrating 3 days. The home care place never called to set up a time. I had to call to try to find out what time a nurse was going to show up. They couldn't provide a time instead they forwarded my number to the nurse that was going to show for her to call and fill me in on what time she was going to show up. Needless to say I couldn't schedule anything because I needed to be home for this. Its not like I do anything or go anywhere anyhow.

The first day couldn't go as smooth. The nurse needed to draw 2 viles of blood to be tested and the vein that she found didn't produce anything. I dont know why, so I had to get poked again. Blood was drawn and the med flowed easily. The nurse wasn't the one that was originally put on my case. The original nurse had called off. She was from Barbados so she had a pretty good accent.

Day number two
The second day was another nurse. This time a younger male. I got stuck only once this time but then there was a problem with the med flowing smoothly. It was either to fast, to slow or not at all. It might of been the angle I held my wrist so I kept it as straight as I could and not moving my wrist.

The highlight of this visit was that the nurse was a home brewer like myself. So we had something in common. We really couldn't talk in depth of home brewing because he had forms to fill out and the problems with the flow going on kept us from talking about beer making.

Day number 3
Day 3 the nurse that was originally scheduled to my case shows up. Of course it was a surprise because I didn't get to call yet to find out what time she was showing. The previous days each nurse had said someone will call between 6 and 8 pm to give ya an idea what time the nurse will show on the following day..I never got a call.
This time I got stuck twice again. Nothing was flowing with the first vein. I think she said the vein blew when she tried to flush it. The next vein she tried worked out well. Through all this hassle I think I would of been better off traveling to a clinic and having it done in an actual exam room, but then again it was comfortable sitting in shorts with the TV on and able to smoke. Something ya cant do in a exam room thats for sure.

What benefits these IV's is beyond me. I still have a hard time walking, and my vision hasn't changed. Fatigue still sets in, besides the first day. That day I didn't get tired and I was up until 5 am. The morning of the third day I awoke to a severe case of the hiccups. I do feel my balance is a little better, but not much. Maybe after a visit to the physical therapist things may change.

Blood test results
These are the results of the blood drawn on the first day. Some values fall within range of acceptable and some not. What all this means, I have no clue. I see though ABV (Alcohol By Volume) isn't listed, which is pry a good thing. (UPDATE: showing the results to a nurse, she says the values that are out of range are not that important. The top 3 are the important ones WBC-White Blood Cell and RBC-Red Blood Cell..So Im good to go.)

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