Mardi Gras ...and traveling with MS

So this past Wednesday we decided to take a trip to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to take in the Spanish Town parade. Not only that but to see the sights and travel to New Orleans and take in a much quieter Bourbon Street..before the large crowds gathered.

The ride took a total of 19 hours. The ride down and back were straight through with fuel and restroom breaks and one food break. The ride down I rode and the ride back I drove for 3 hours..much less then what I was used to driving. Both ways after sitting for so long, once I would move a leg it would feel like someone took a knife to the bottom of my heels. Eventually the pain will cease.

The other obstacle was the restroom breaks. Thankfully with my  rollerator walker, it took care of the issues of getting in and out easily. Much better then trying to lug a wheelchair in and out of the trunk. Now anyone that knows anyone with MS knows once you feel you need to use the restroom knows you need to use it right now..no waiting around. The rollerator  also makes getting in and out of restaurants and attractions easy to. Though the one nature center / swamp we visited required a great deal of walking so that where the wheelchair came in. Around the swamp it was a board walk, so getting pushed in that was easy also. It was the gravel paths off the boardwalk the posed a challenge but everyone made it possible and got it through the loose gravel.

Fatigue also came into play. When fatigue sets in I will start seeing double with my glass's on. Thats when I know I should lay back, close my eyes for a bit and rest.
All in all it was the first trip of that length since the most severe symptoms set in went pretty well. I don't know how it would of been had I been traveling alone, but with the right kinda vehicle, Ide try it.

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  1. Welcome Back n it was nice following ur trip on Twitter where u posted pics of my fav foods. Fried crab claws and Gumbo