(un) Happy Anniversary

Today (2-6-12) marks the 5th anniversary of the day my life changed..when the symptoms of multiple sclerosis first appeared.
It was this morning that I woke up not feeling like myself. Feeling dizzy. Thought I may have over done it shoveling snow the night before, now I can only wish that was the cause.
It was on this night at work.. Monday, that I got a load to Chicopee Massachusetts. The run went fine, felt fine. Until I woke up Tuesday evening. Thats when the dizziness came back, this time causing me to get sick.
The next week, on a Wednesday in Chicago I asked to be sent home so I can see my doctor.
oral steroids were givin thinking it may be a virus.
That Saturday I wanted to go to the ER for a shot or something to make me feel better so I can get back to work that Monday. Thats when they admitted me.
I can only remember this because I wanted to see the ARCA 200 from the Daytona international speedway..and the hospital didn't have the speed channel!
That marked the first time in many years I missed that race.

This anniversary doesn't mark the day of my diagnosis, but when symptoms first appeared. It seemed like every year at this time something new came up. Hope thats not the fact any more.

If life was only like a DVR and came with a rewind button.

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