Scooter issues

So today I go to Wal-Mart. I can walk into the store by using a cart then getting an electric scooter to do my shopping. Sounds easy enough, right?
I think everyone and their brother (or sister) who has a handicap placard shops at the Wal-Mart in Elyria Oh. There is hardly ever an open spot when you get there, unless its all the way down by lawn n garden, but they don't have scooters at that door.

The Elyria Wal-Mart parking lot
There are wide spots marked "van accessible" but since not everyone has a van, and its not marked "van only" anyone can park there as long as your legal. These spots are marked out horizontal to the isles while the others are at the usual angle. Now, if they could of made these angled to with a wider mark off to the right, they could fit at least 10 more parking spots, even for a van, with an area for a ramp. But that would only make to much sense.

Soo..today I find a spot and there is an empty cart with in 10 feet of my truck that I could walk and make it to. I was on the phone talking to a friend of mine for a good 15 minutes. People were coming and going as I sat there finishing up our conversation. No sooner as I said bye, and popped the handle on my door to get out, someone walks up and takes the cart. GREAT! So I get out and finally ask someone passing by if they would mind grabbing me the empty cart that is in the next row over, he was nice enough to and I made my way into the store.

Well inside the store now, of course the two scooters that were setting there have signs on them "recharging". The lady ahead of me is offered the one that has the most juice and she leaves. The other is completely dead they tell me. So I sit on it and wait while they check the other entrance for me, only to come back and say there isn't any there. So I wait for one to be returned. Wasn't long until they say "here comes one now"..its the lady that got hers before me..hers is dead. She get up and just leaves. Luckily for me a friend was coming in the store, spotted me and stood there talking. Finally after 30 minutes I had enough and I unplug the one I'm sitting on and off I go. Finished shopping with no battery issues.

Which is more then I can say for my previous visit. Where the same thing happened more or less. The entrance I used had no scooters, I walked to the other end and got one there. Only to have the battery die a quick and painless death. Returned it to the front of the store, traded it in for another..only to have this one die on me to soon after I got it. Back the front of the store and another trade in. On the third one now I was able to complete the grocery shopping part. Last thing I needed was at the other side of the store. Wouldn't you know it, half way there and the light starts flashing and it slows way down. Ok, I've had enough. Its time to check out.
The Antique car ride at Cedar Point
This store needs a larger fleet of these scooters!..or better yet some of the Antique cars from Cedar Point in Sandusky OH! Now that would make shopping fun!

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  1. sorry u went to Disneyland instead of Walmart but I liked reading that I was laughing and feelin bad at the sametime if that is possible. Your shopping trip sounded like my cooking catastrophy.