My vision

Ok, like I talked about in an early entry, I noticed I had double vision. So far the vision has changed three times with the current vision the best it has been since noticing it.
How I would currently see w/o my glass's
For two weeks I worked seeing like this until my new glass's came in. Driving a truck in this condition wasn't much fun. I wore an eye patch those two weeks and sacrificed my peripheral vision. Highly against DOT regulations, I had to be more cautious, but I took my time and made safe trips. The trip to Brooklyn NY really stands out the most. Crossing the George Washington Bridge and going down I-87 south in morning traffic pulling a 53 foot trailer was a test...specially not knowing exactly where your going.
Vision like this really mess's with your head, your brain has no idea what its looking at. At least the trip to Boston MA. was in the early morning hours and not much traffic to contend with. There were other trips, but those two stand out the most.

** Of course in real life the other car wouldn't be as transparent at all as it is in the picture which really throws the thinking way off.

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