My messed up city.

So it has been brought to my attention that this 11 yr old boy who was struck by a jeep crossing Center Ridge Rd..only one of the busiest streets in town, needs a ramp built to get in and out of his house. Now Center Ridge Rd is all lined with century old homes, which aint handicap friendly at all..BUT plans are on hold due to city bureaucracy and needing approval for a permit to build the ramp and they need to wait for the next city hall meeting for approval.

Now had this been a city officials child, that ramp would of been built right away, no questions asked!

The story of the accident can be found here  by reading this article.  
Or this one if it works.

Had I lived in a house with more then a 6" drop to get to the drive way, I sure as hell wouldn't wait on a permit. I don't even know if I need a permit for the small ramp I did put up, but then I really don't care. I put one up so I can get around. If the city doesn't like it, then they can get someone to run errands for me.

My city is so messed up with all it does..and doesn't do its not even funny any more, and people wonder why I want out.They can approve the building of a McDonalds at the busiest intersection in town, directly across from a middle school..but they make an 11yr old wait for approval for a ramp to continue on with his life.

**Update! The ramp has been built now

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  1. If it were me or my kid I would put up a ramp anyway. I would not have even asked if I could put one up. Im sure my neighbors would not mind.