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So yesterday was my latest visit to the Mellen Center. So they rearranged the main lobby area. Why? I have no idea. Sure the previous addition of a food vendor was a nice addition, but to move the receptionist desk closer to the door wasn't needed, since the main sign in area is now hidden by a pillar when you first walk in. The biggest change was the rebuilding of the rest rooms. In the mens, they removed the urinal and made the stall bigger. Meaning if someone ate down the road at Hot Sauce Williams or Popeyes before their appointment and its its not agreeing with them, the next in line to use the restroom is outta luck..unless you want to do more walking.
Anyways...My first visit was a physical therapy evaluation. Seems my numbers haven't changed from my last visit 4 months ago. I got reprimanded for not doing my exercises  and stretch's as often as I should. I need more motivation.
Then came the doctor visit. We just went over any new symptoms and issues Ive been having which there are none. Then came time to discuss weather to stay on Tysabri or move onto Gilenya. There are risk's with either one. Tysabri, after the 24th infusion if your JCV virus tests positive, which I tested for and I am, the odds of contracting PML are 11 out of 1,000 and there are 29 confirmed deaths reported worldwide due to PML. Where with Gilenya, with over 30,000 people on it now, there has been 11 deaths reported. 1 in the U.S. and 10 in Europe...all with in 24 hrs after taking the first dose, and successfully completing their observation time. Im not much into gambling but the odds seem better with Gilenya. Either way its a risk. More can be read at the FDA's website. We talked about if I read up on side effects and understood the risks. I have and I choose Gilenya. What ever happens, I have no control over it but will accept it.
With in 6 weeks the clinic will receive the first dose, along with a 2 week supply. By that time the first month supply should arrive at home. The day you take the first dose its done at the Mellen Center. There they observe you and check your blood pressure. Gilenya drops your blood pressure at first until your body gets used to it. All I can say is the wi-fi better be working flawless that day. Now to research mom & pop pizza shops on the East side that deliver!
And to think, I used to pay to feel and walk this way when I was younger, now Im paying even more to NOT feel and walk this way.

The Mellen Center. Part of the Cleveland Clinic.

Can you believe they offer valet parking here? Thats a job I can handle..sitting around all day with nothing to do. Even if you do park a car, there would be plenty of time to get back to the door. Btw..this is an older picture. The booth has been replaced with an electronic payment machine which works correctly some of the time.


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  1. ugh I hate optic nuritis I hate when it comes to visit me sorry we have to share these symptoms. One day there will be a Cure and I do pray it is in our lifetime, til then keep laughin and keep makin me laugh.