My symptoms

                                                 Some of my symptoms include..

Double vision - Have you ever looked at a 3D television without the glass’s on? That’s how I see things all the time without my glass’s on. Which are prism glass’s that pull the image together so my brain isn’t saying WTF am I looking at!

Numbness and instability in hands - Dropping things is the norm for me unless I know I have a firm grasp on something. Reaching for something is just as bad. If something is in the way, its usually knocked over.

Forgetful - It seems that..now what was I gonna say?  Anyhow it seems long term memory is better then short term now. I need to keep notes on everything it seems.

Fatigue - Its not uncommon for someone to come in the room and find me dozed off with my head on the desk at the computer. Thinking I'll relax my eyes for a few minutes, come an hour later and a different show is on tv. Even texting sometimes, I can shut my eyes to try and re energize only to open them and realize Im only half way through writing a text. So if I don’t reply right away, you know what happened.

Lost sense of touch - Everyone’s had rubber gloves on at one time or another, and you know how you can still feel but something’s missing. Well my hands are like that all the time minus the gloves.

Temperature sensitivity - Hot feels twice as hot, cold feels twice as cold now. Not just on my hands but all over. Most of the time sitting around it feels like I have shorts on, while here Im wearing pants. My knees either feel cold and sometimes they feel wet.

Lower back pain - This is something I have had to deal with since before the diagnosis. Now afterwards its seemed to get worse. Its always there, but the feeling like someone is stabbing my lower back comes and goes.

Depression - Times hearing of events going on or knowing I cant do half..ok, most of the stuff I used to really brings me down. Knowing of events that will be crowded with people I rather miss them now. Its just to hard to get through a crowd to reach a restroom. Or having to sit all the time, I cant see who all is present and miss out on a lot. Relationship issues.. plus theres more..to much to list.

Leg weakness and spasticity - Imagine a thick rubber band, unable to be stretched out. That’s how my legs feel all the time. My knees from standing for short periods of time loose strength and start to bend and eventually I need to sit.

Anxiety - Body jolts, body zaps, electric jolt feeling in body, intense body tremor or “body shake” Sudden noises, even the slightest sound I feel like someone just zapped my nerves with a power cord.
Here is a detailed list of Anxiety symptoms. Ive got 95% of them.

Balance / uncoordinated  - If it wasn’t for muscles in my toes, Ide be on the ground many of times. I cant sit still for long periods of time with out bobbing and weaving unless I have something to rest on.

Cramps - Mostly in the mornings laying in bed a calf of foot will start cramping up. Only reliefe is to stand up..holding onto something of course and stretch the muscle out. Plus the MS hug. Feels like I have a girdle on. To bad I don't look like I have one though.

Loss of feeling - mostly all over, more noticeable in the legs. One way to describe it is, imagine a partly cloudy sky. Take a cell phone put it on vibrate and run it up and down your legs slowly. Where the clouds are, that’s where the vibration is felt. In the open area..nothing. My first experience in this was when the doctor took a tuning fork, hit the heel of his shoe and placed it on top of my big toe. I was able to feel it on my left foot. He moved it to the right and I told him to strike it again. He did and I felt nothing.

Dizziness - Doesn’t happen often, but when it does the only cure is to put pressure on the eyes with the hands, or lay down with the eyes shut. Its just my luck, after finding out about craft brews, to many beers will agitate the dizziness. To many meaning 3 or more.

Last but not least - ED and I don’t mean a guys name either.  Nuff said.

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