What I miss most

Before I started circle track racing, I smashed cars up doing demolition derbies. I never officially called it quits and since trying to race again would be way to expensive, with any luck I'll have a car to smash up again this year and officially retire.
Something I always do is save an area on the car for others to sign. If all goes right this year I'll invite all my online friends to send me a signed good luck wish post card and Ide tape it somewhere on the car. I have an idea of how to paint it, but thats a secrete right now.

Since I cant lift my leg high enough to climb in through the window, I would be able to open the door and have it chained shut. In circle track you need to concentrate lap by lap. Where as in demolition derbies you just go all out and hope for the best. Believe it or not, though it doesn't look as if I was concentrating on the races below..I was.
The car did look better the following years, but the luck never improved. All in all, I still had fun. Now If only the announcer had gotten my name right in the first race..

1997 was my best year ever. Im #58

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