The wheels stopped turning.

My life on the road came to a sudden halt in November 2009. Due to a flare up, I was to dizzy to safely operate my truck that night, and unfortunately I never recovered.
I loved my job driving. The freedom of being on the road, meeting new people, visiting new states.

After being off the road now for 2+ years I'm really starting to miss it. Home all day, every day now wears on you big time.

Occasionally I'll stop by a local truck stop just to smell the diesel fuel in the air and the rumble of the engines of the drivers parked. Most of them sleeping..some of them on their lap tops checking in with loved ones back at home, others just relaxing watching TV.

The St. Louis Arch.

Life on the road isn't as glorious as one may think. There are setbacks to the money the drivers earn. Alot of them are gone away from home for weeks at a time. Meaning you leave friends and family at home. The thought of seeing the United States doesn't hold that true. You do see alot, but you can only see so much from the highway. Ive seen such things as the Statue of Liberty and The Whitehouse. But granted they were quick glimpse's from over a half mile away or more.

Sunrise over NYC from New Jersey
Some of the most beautiful sights can be seen anywhere though. They are the naturally occurring sights. Weather it be the mountains in West Virginia or the flat lands in Colorado. The most beautiful sights I think were the sunsets or sunrises I got to see.

These guys are doing more then just trying to make a living. There the ones who keep this economy running. Think about it, practically everything you own has been on a truck at one time or another. From the car you drive to the clothes your wearing..to the food you eat. Its been on a truck. How do you think your local Wal-Mart keeps merchandise in stock?

Ever wonder whose job it is to load and unload the cars on an auto transporter? Its the driver who drives the truck. Even wonder how it would feel falling 8 feet backwards with no helmet or seat belt? I do. Ive done it. Its not fun. Seems the Jeep Grand Cherokee has sudden acceleration problems. If only I had known about this beforehand I may be driving a car hauler still to this day.
Truck had been moved backwards already.
Having to load up and deliver a load to the auto auction in Columbus Oh. and have 3 days off for the 4th of July holiday, The Cherokee was the first to go on backwards. Put it in 4 low and backing it on, watching my rear tires and just about to put it in its spot, it lunged backwards, teetered a few times then over it went.

Further reading on the problems:

Then there are the ones who pay no attention while driving. Please be careful out there and respect the drivers.

The white line is there for a reason!
Car ran through a red light and caused this.

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