Moving on

The best way to describe trying to move on in life is this.

In a semi and you get off an exit for a truck stop,
Its dark out and the truck stop is the only thing there.
Looking down the road, no street lights no buildings.
You wonder what lays ahead if you keep going.

Will I be ok, can I do this?
The unknown. 

Where would it lead me to?
Is there a low bridge, a weight limit bridge.
A small town with narrow streets.
Is there a place to turn around at if I want to go back.
Are there low power lines, low branches.
Finally you turn right into the truck stop. To scared to go exploring
The unknown.

I can relate to that because I’ve done it. That’s how I discovered Earle, Arkansas. Exit 260 off of I-40 there is a TA (Travel Center of America) missing the turn I continued on Rt 149. Nothing was there but open fields. Finally came upon a church and the lot looked big enough to swing that 53’ trailer around and head back to where I started. I made it and got another chance.
Thinking of trying to move on now, would be impossible. Im to scared of what may lay ahead. If I may benefit or not. I may not get that chance to redeem myself, although thoughts have crossed my mind. Its not that easy to turn around, in life or when in a big truck when in an unfamiliar area. Once a driver, always a driver.
Of course that isn’t the only time I’ve done that. Having to bypass scales in various states, not knowing where I’m going. Other trucks pass you by so you know the route is safe. You see other trucks crossing ahead of you so you know you can make a turn. Trying to move on just wont work now.

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