4th PT visit

Ok, so today was my 4th visit to the physical therapist and right away she started me on the treadmill. First was a 5 min walk at a slow speed..a quick rest then back on for 4 mins..Its a good thing I brought my hip flexion device with me, it made lifting my right leg easier.
The parallel bars were next. Walking without holding onto something. My legs were really getting tired at this point, but I pushed myself and took minimal breaks.
Best thing about the tread mill is that it said I burnt 10 calories! Sure I put them back on when I got home, but still

The hip flexion device I have really helps to lift the weakened leg when walking. Sure you wont make a fashion statement with it on, specially coupled with the AFO I wear for foot drop. All in all it does look better then the bungee cords I tried using for foot drop early on. Talk about a hillbilly medical device!
 Between glass's to correct double vision, a hearing aid to help hear, hip flexion to help lift a leg and AFO to help lift my food, I dont know how many more devices I can handle.

Next up was doing stepping over the cords. I like this because I get the hold her hands ...and they are soft hands to!
The exercise is step over the green one, side step over the yellow, back step over the green then side step over the yellow again.
I should see if she makes house calls..now that would be fun!


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