Ampyra & the Bioness L300

Today was the 6th physical therapy visit, it was supposed to of been the last, but went for 4 more weekly visits.
Today I tried out the Bioness L300. Talk about feeling like a robot at first! The larger piece goes just below your knee. It has two electrodes in it, while the smaller one goes in your shoe and acts as a trigger to send a stimulating charge as you go into the motions of walking, to help activate nerves, hip muscles and the other leg muscle groups to help lift your foot.
Adjusting the fitting and the amount of charge to give, my foot would turn up and twist to the side as the current grew and faded. All while sitting down of course. 
Then came the time to walk around the room and get the feel for the device. It did help, but with the hour long session I couldn't get a feel for it if it would be beneficial in a long run. Like muscle fatigue and weakness from a lot of walking.
It would be a nice device to own, but it would take a lottery win to afford it. At $6,500 it sure isn't something you buy "just to" see if it works.

Something else I started today was the Ampyra..again.
Last time I tried it I had a fall 2 days before receiving it and tore ligaments in my foot and never really noticed if there was any change. Ampyra is used to improve walking in people who have multiple sclerosis, though it doesn't work for everybody. The actual drug name is Dalfampridine. It is in a class of medications called potassium channel blockers. It works by strengthening the signals sent by the brain through nerves that have been damaged by MS.
We'll see how this goes now, because Ive been supporting South America by eating bananas like crazy and not sure if its the extra potassium thats helping me to walk better or not. Im surprised I don't have the urge to build a tire swing in one of the bedrooms and swing around on it since Ive been eating so many bananas!

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  1. good read glad u tried it. Hate the price they have on it just crazy I bet those with alot of money have one under their pants and people looking at them walk think wow they are doing real well but little do they know they have on a bionic leg.