Gettin there

So since the last month my PT says I'm showing signs of improvements. The last few visits started with a walk on the treadmill, which I only did 7 minutes the first time and a partial lap, then the next week did a full lap. Sure it took 13 min at the slowest speed, but I got it done!
Then moving onto walking in the parallel bars without holding on. Forwards, backwards and to the side. Next comes steeping over orange cones ..That is after a rest and talking about gardening and other things of course!

Lately we have been practicing with the use of a quad cane. Though the one in the picture is not my own, I will hopefully be getting a wide base cane for myself.

One may help in short distance walks, say into Wal-Mart where a scooter will then be picked up..Unless they're all out or the batteries are dead which is not unusual for the one I go to.
All the practicing has been indoors on carpet until today. We took a short walk outside on the sidewalk and besides the usual tiredness that sets in, I did pretty good. At least I didn't fall!

Back inside she lays the ladder out. Now my kids football team uses one of these, hopping frown side to the other while moving forward with hands raised looking like they're throwing a block. I'm glad that wasn't going to be her idea. I had to step in with the cane in my left hand and sync the steps. Moving the cane forward with my right leg..the bad worse one. Stepping into every square. Sure it was slower then what the kids do, but then again I wasnt expecting a football being thrown at me either.
The green pieces in the pic, using the cane I had to step over each one. Thats where her arm came in handy, for more support.

All in all I go for the final visit on July 6th..and her and I are going to lunch sometime after that. We cant go now because I'm still a patient!

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  1. Hey Dude, When you start going out with your PT. Does that mean you will get better PT benefits. Since your not a patient of hers anymore. If you do let me know I may have to ask my PT out if that's the case. Good luck dude.