Checked up

So today (June 7) was yet another check up. Something I haven't seen before was a nearly full parking lot. Today all the MSers must of had appointments.  I've never seen a line like this since Bon Jovi tickets went on sale in 1989!

Optical Coherence Tomography machine
After finally checking in, I went for my Optical Coherence Tomography test, or OCT. Its more like an MRI for the eyes. I wouldn't have a clue as to how to read the pictures the machine printed out, but they were colorful to say the least.

Next up was seeing the neurologist. No biggie. Just your normal exam...touch your nose, test arm strength, hand strength..wiggle your fingers stuff. This visit was the first one where he seen me in shorts, and noticed my tattoo on my left leg. 

 That sparked off conversation about Louisiana. I think we talked more about that then we did about how I was doing since the last time I seen him! Originally he thought I was a Saints fan, but I told him the reason for the tattoo and he thought it was cool.

In 3 months I go back for more pictures of the brain, yeah another MRI. I'm not looking forward to it at all. Oh the MRI isn't bad, its just in 3 months it'll be September. Summer will be about over. 

I'm coping with the heat this year better then I did last year. The hotter the better I say! Temperatures in the 80's or over and I'm laying out collecting vitamin D and turning a nice color of brown to. Most of the time at home, weekends at my favorite certain camp ground.

*** Attention, any new readers, The first few pages tell of my early experiences with MS, be sure to check them out. 
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