Shattered Time

Today was just a normal PT visit. Start off on the Nu Step machine for 8 minutes, then came the 25 foot timed walk with the cane. I shattered my old record! Well actually my only record since I have only had 1 visit. But it was timed then and I shattered it this time!
My previous time was 17.81 seconds in 25 feet. This time I did it in 12.91. I was hoping for a 15 - 16 second time. Not quiet Olympic times, but I'll take the 12.91.

 Next came the usual exorcises. One being stepping up on a 8 inch step using the cane, then off the other side. To step up your supposed to use your good leg followed by your bad one, coming down its just the opposite. I do it the other way around. Its what feels comfortable. Its like my (right) bad leg is a bit more stronger at the knee, but more unstable, while my (left) good leg is a bit more stable but weaker in the knee.

After all that it was time to take a walk outside on the concrete and try the curb. Which I did pretty good with. Then it was back inside for another timed walk just to se how I do after working the leg muscles. This time I can only do it in 16.85 seconds, Which is still quicker then my original time.

I'm supposed to use the cane to get into stores. something small like a gas station, or something larger where a scooter is, which reminds me I need gas and to pick up a prescription.. C-ya!

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