More PT

So today (June 13) was the first visit with my new wide based quad cane. Of course I had the base set for the wrong side at first, but that was easily fixed.

I started off on the Nu Step machine. She wanted 5 minutes, I gave her 8.5 and could of kept going but it was time to practice walking with the cane.

Straight line walking was good, but had balance issues turning around. So out come the orange cones. Now I need to walk circles around each one which wasn't as hard as the turnarounds I was doing before. A wider radius helped.

Then came a walk outside on concrete and stepping off and back on a 6" curb. Wasn't the easiest, but I got it done.Since my truck was right there I changed into my sandles, since thats all I wear now. Watching me walk she noticed I wasnt walking heel to toe like I would wearing my AFO. With concentration I can overcome that.

My walking speed with the walker was timed at 9.3 seconds with the cane 17.81 seconds in a 25 foot distance.  Next week I'm shooting for 16.75 seconds..at least.

I let her borrow a book on hamburger places throughout the United States, to bad none listed are local, or I'd suggest one for our lunch date after 7-6, but any place will do.

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