Latest Update

So had my latest MRI and there were no changes from the one 6 months prior.

Of course the day couldn't start off easy, seeing there was an accident and the right lanes were blocked and traffic was tied up.Nothing like going from 75 mph (in a 60 zone) to 35 mph!  I was 20 min late but they still got me in on time. The machine is nice. 6 minutes in, slide out for the contrast injection then back in for another 6 minutes and your done. Its nice but no time to sleep. Sure beats the 2 hour long MRI's I was used to

Afterwards was the meeting with the doctor. Just the normal check up and questions. Then the review of the MRI.
Here are some of the images taken by camera off the doctors computer scree.

The white areas are the lesions on my brain. 

Vitamin D levels are always low in MS patients. In March blood was drawn for tests and my vitamin D level was at 12.0 The acceptable range is 31.0 - 80.0 Unusually low. So I started taking vitamin D3supplements and went on a two week,  weekly prescription of vitamin D. As of September5th and another blood test, the levels have increased to 78.0. The supplements and laying out napping in the sun seem to be paying off, though I'm still not walking the best...but better and have a nice tan to!

I found out why I have Louisiana on my mind so much !

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